Ash Ketchum
Ash Unova

Ash Ketchum is boy from the Palet to complete 10 years becomes a Pokemon trainer. It is characterized as a naive, adventurous and sometimes collecting badges cities traveling alongside his best friend Pikachu.


At the beginning of the journey to arrive in the laboratory of Professor Oak ,Ash wins pikrchu" which at first did not like him, but who soon became his best friend. Later he meets his eternal enemies Jessie, James and Meowth, of Team Rocket passing pursued him on the journey trying to steal his friend Pikachu. Initially Ash it was accompaniy and Brock, two gym leaders that are following you journey through the Kanto region in the Indigo League. Brock is later replacedy Sketchit journey in the Orange Islands, Brock but soon retus to the group in the Johto League.

In the Advanced Generation series that occurs Durantes the alloys Hoenn and the Battle Frontier, Misty leaves the continuing journey Brock just follow on their journey together new allies as the coordinator May and his brother Max.

In Diamond and series that takes place during the Sinnoh League come May and Max's journey leaving Ash, Pikachu andwith a new ally named Dawn.

And recently in Black serie during the Unova, Bro Dawn finally exits along the journey leaving Ash and Pikachu again with new allies called Iris and Cilan.

Relationship with MistyEdit

His relationship with Misty in the beginning was only fights because he has unwittingly destroyed su bike just off (as also occurred in May and Dawn), but over time both were showing interest in each other, yet they hide their feelings for each other.


During the series Ash also made several rivals, including the one that stood out was Gary Oak, his rival from childhood until the Johto saga was its biggest rival to Ash defeat him at the end of the league, which soon thereafter became be a scientist like his grandfather. Another that stood out was Paul in Sinnoh.