Jessie BW


Jessie (Musashi in Japanese) is the head of the double. She is also the first to take a stand against the enemy. All that bravery may be due to their poor and difficult childhood. She gets depressed when James speaks of his childhood, filled with candy and fun. After these difficulties, Jessie decided, first, go to a school for nurses Pokémon, where he befriended a Chansey, but could not be registered because it was literally a school for nurses Pokémon (like Chansey), and not for nurses Pokémon. Then he tried to enroll in Pokémon Technical School. There he met James and, like him, did not pass the exams to enter the school. Also with James, Jessie teamed up with a gang of bikers, and had success riding his bike while spinning a chain. After that, Jessie joined Team Rocket, but so far failed to realize his biggest dream: get enough money to erase the bitterness of his sad past. Miyamoto, Jessie's mother, the child makes when trying to capture the rare Mew and try to make money from it, but was caught by an avalanche on a mountain (although some say she survived the avalanche, but lost his memory, Lorelai acting today as the Elite 4). As the daughter, Miyamoto was also part of Team Rocket, at that time, led by Madame Boss (Giovanni's mother). Having lost her mother so early, Jessie ended up being sent to an orphanage, where living conditions were so difficult that there were days when she saw herself forced to eat snow to not starve. In Hoenn, has become a Pokémon Coordinator. Using the name "Jester" and "Jessiebella" becomes a big rival May. In Sinnoh, which has already achieved 5 tapes (one by James, who had to replace her when she was sick), Jessie continues to compete, this time as "Jessalina" and gaining a new rival: Dawn, getting in the top 4 in the Sinnoh Grand festival.