Meowzie used to be a very pampered pet belonging to a rich lady and was even kept in a jewel encrusted Pokéball
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. Meowth first met Meowzie when he was just a street cat and fell in love with Meowzie. Although, Meowzie rejected him as her owner could buy her anything she wanted and Meowth could offer her nothing. After Meowth attempted to make himself more human by learning to walk on two legs and learning how to talk, Meowzie still rejected him as she thought she had turned into a freak cat.

However, after losing her fortunate, the rich lady abandoned Meowzie in the city of Hollywood and Meowzie wandered the street until she joined a local gang of Meowth led by a Persian. It was in fact, the same gang Meowth had been apart of when he was a street cat but Meowth had already left Hollywood by this time.

When Meowth returned to Hollywood he was surprised to find Meowzie when the street gang and wanted to take her away. Meowth defeated the gang leader Persian in a duel but Meowzie once again shunned Meowth instead deciding to stay with Persian as it was the Pokémon that took her in during her time of need.